Investigations of Infertile Couples in Evidence Medicine Based Era

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Khaled
A. Prof. of Obstetrics of Gynecology
Head of IVF Center
Dr. Erfan Bagedo Hospital,

Very long list of tests, have been advocated to determine the cause of the infertility in the diagnostic evaluation of infertile couple.

The cost effectiveness of performing many of these tests and correcting the abnormalities found by them have not been demonstrated.

Investigations of Male Factor
Conventional semen analysis
Computer- assisted sperm analysis (CASA)
Strict sperm morphology “Tygerberg strict criteria“
A variety of sperm function tests
– The acrosome reaction test
– Hypo-osmotic swelling test
– Measurement of generation of Reactive oxygen species
– Sperm capacitation assays
– Hemizona-binding assay
– Hamster penetration test
– Human sperm-zona penetration assay
– etc.
A variety of imaging techniques for detection of varicocele

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