Viscoderm 1.6

VISCODERM is the only preparation acid-based ialuonico non-crosslinked for skin rejuvenation, available in 3 concentrations distinction:

  • Hyaluronan 0.8%.
  • Hyaluronan 1.6%.
  • Hyaluronic acid 2.0%.

Sterile – single use only.
Pharmaceutical form and pack sizes available
VISCODERM comes in the form of 1.25 ml glass syringe containing 1 ml of solution.
Pack size of one.
Syringes pre-filled in the three concentrations available:

  • 0.8%: 8.0 mg of sodium hyaluronate in 1 ml of physiological saline buffered sodium chloride.
  • 1.6%: 16.0 mg of sodium hyaluronate in 1 ml of physiological saline buffered sodium chloride.
  • 2.0%: 20.0 mg of sodium hyaluronate in 1 ml of physiological saline buffered sodium chloride.

Medical device for use intra-dermal.
Sterilized by steam.

Product Description

Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide present naturally in the human body, whose main function is to maintain a proper hydration of tissues, due to the intrinsic ability to bind a large amount of water. The sodium salt of hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) is formed by repeating disaccharide units of N-acetylglucosamine and sodium glucuronate and represents a fundamental component of the extracellular matrix of most tissues, particularly the skin.
VISCODERM consists a buffered saline solution of hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid used is obtained by fermentation and has not undergone chemical processes of change.
VISCODERM contains highly purified sodium hyaluronate with a molecular weight of about 1 million Dalton, a value corresponding to that of hyaluronic acid endogenous.
The other components of the product are: sodium chloride, sodium phosphate and water for injections. The contents of the syringe are sterile and pyrogen-free.

VISCODERM intervenes:

  • - In the physiological process of aging of the skin, including the effects of which include thickening of the stratum corneum (roughness and less brightness of the skin), and alteration of the elastic fibers of the skin (wrinkles).
  • - In the process of repair of the dermal tissue, in cases of scarring following trauma superficial skin (eg. chicken pox or acne scars).

The viscoelastic properties and moisturizing hyaluronic acid, coupled with the ability to maintain this acid at adequate levels in skin tissue, allow rehydration of the tissues and allow you to create the optimum condition to prevent and combat the skin aging process and promote a remodeling tissue and the subsequent corrective effect of scarring of the skin.

Furthermore, administration by intradermal VISCODERM and therefore its action at the level of the dermis and epidermis not, allows to make directly into the tissue to be treated a quantity of hyaluronic acid for optimal counteract the cytotoxic action of free radicals on fibroblasts, ensuring the effectiveness of the preventive and corrective of medical aesthetics.

The hyaluronic acid used for VISCODERM is produced by fermentation using natural substrates, without further chemical modifications. For this reason VISCODERM exhibits excellent biocompatibility and its use in dermal allows the integration of hyaluronic acid endogenous degraded because of the physiological process of aging of the skin or by the action of UV radiation, radicals, xenobioti and superficial skin trauma .

Hyaluronic acid also has a role in the extracellular matrix, which creates the physiological conditions for the proliferation, migration, and the organization of the cellular component dermal.

Posology and method of use

  • Concentration 0.8%, indicated for the maintenance of the remedial effect of the treatment.
  • Concentration 1.6%, indicated for the initial treatment of large surfaces and thin skin and delicate.
  • Concentration 2.0%: indicated for the initial treatment cycle mainly of the face.

It is recommended that an initial course of three treatment sessions at intervals of a week of each other, possibly followed by monthly maintenance sessions.

Assemble the syringe according to the instructions below.
Inject VISCODERM at room temperature and under conditions of strict asepsis.
VISCODERM injected intradermally with linear technology or micropomfi (picotage) mid-level deep.

Assemble the syringe

  • 1. Insert the media that came with handle, pushing it up to perfect joint in the flange of the syringe.
  • 2. Insert the needle with a diameter between 27 and 30 G.

For safe use of VISCODERM is important that the needle is correctly assembled as described in the instructions below and as shown in figures A and B.

Instructions for the assembly of the needle on the syringe

  • A. Carefully unscrew the cap from the tip of the syringe, paying particular attention to avoid contact with the opening.
  • B. Gently grasp the needle guard and attach the needle to the Luer locking collar, tightening firmly until you feel a slight pressure to ensure a tight seal and prevent leakage during administration.

The content of the syringe is sterile. The syringe is packaged in a sealed blister.
Outer surface of the syringe is not sterile.
VISCODERM Do not use after the expiry date printed on the package.
VISCODERM Do not use if the package is opened or damaged.
The injection point must be on skin healthy.
Do not inject vascular, muscles, tendons, or for breast augmentation.
VISCODERM: Do not mix with other products.
Do not inject into areas where there are inflammatory processes.
Do not re-sterilize. The device is intended for single use only.
Store between 0 and 25 ° C and away from heat sources. Do not freeze.
VISCODERM Once opened should be used immediately and disposed of after use.
Keep out of reach of children.
After the injection and subsequent 3-5 days, advise the patient to avoid that the treated area is exposed to the rays UV, and it is recommended to protect the treated area with a sunscreen protection.

Side effects
during the use of VISCODERM may appear at the injection site symptoms such as pain, warmth, redness or swelling. These secondary manifestations can be alleviated with the application of ice on the treated area.Normally the same disappear after a short time.
Physicians should ensure that patients provide information of potential side effects occurring after treatment.

VISCODERM should not be used in conjunction with treatments such as laser resurfacing and medium-deep peeling.

Till date there are no known interactions between VISCODERM and other drugs.

Precautions for use
VISCODERM not mixed with the type disinfectants quaternary ammonium salts or chlorhexidine, since it can form a precipitate.
To be supplied only on prescription.
Intradermal injection can be performed only by a physician.

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