From early- to end-stage development

Small-scale, top-quality development capabilities

IBSA is organized so to maximise the yield from development programs. This is achieved by careful selection of the projects based on the perception of the actual clinical needs. Then, the company leverages on full availability of in-house resources for any phase of development including basic research, pharmaceutical techniques, pre-clinical and clinical research and, regulatory. The high efficiency of the development process ensures a sustainable time-to-market as well as cost-efficiency enabling the company to be present in the market with unparalleled cost competitiveness.


IBSA maintains in-house the manufacturing of all products, under GMP conditions. The manufacturing capabilities range from oral formulations to high-tech injectables, with specific focus and specialization in the production of topical formulation. The production sites are based in Switzerland, Italy and the Far East and all of them strictly adhere to the highest quality standards, in full compliance with the current regulatory requirements. Committed to improvement, IBSA is constantly upgrading and fine-tuning the production processes, often anticipating the development of new manufacturing quality standards.

  • In numbers
  • 12 million vials of hormones per year
  • 200 million soft gel capsules per year
  • 60 million packaged finished product per year


An internationally widespread company

In spite of its relatively small size IBSA is already actively marketing its proprietary drugs in 70 countries in four continents. According to the territory, the marketing activities are managed either by company subsidiaries or by carefully selected, high quality licensees. Reluctant to any form of aggressive promotion, IBSA marketing activities are focused on fair information and on integrated support intended to fulfil any physician’s need relevant to its products.

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